Famine in South Sudan © Kate Holt/ Unicef Handout

Famine in East Africa continues to worsen, aid agencies say. The helpers often lack adequate access to those affected, complains the head of Caritas international, Oliver Muller, on Monday in the ZDF morning show.

Latin America is a Corona hotspot. To stop the spread of the virus there, the Catholic Latin America relief organization Adveniat calls for a temporary lifting of patent protection and takes the states and governments to task.

Social drama and milieu study with great entertainment value

A completely new genre of music for the children and young people of the cathedral choirs is the current opera production in the Staatenhaus. For the intensive rehearsal work of "Street scene" many of them even skipped the entire Easter vacations.

Aleppo has become a symbol of the Syrian war. Again and again diplomats and aid workers complain about the appalling situation of the trapped and bombed people. Now the EU is launching a new effort for aid.

Together or alone?

Britain to stay in the EU? © Federico Gambarini

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Britain remaining in the EU. The British vote on 23. June vote on remaining in the EU.

German Hans-Gert Pottering (CDU) is new President of the European Parliament. In Tuesday's election in Strasbourg, he received 450 of 715 votes cast. The 61-year-old lawyer was most recently head of the strongest group in Parliament, the Christian Democratic European People's Party (EPP). As a candidate for president, he was supported by conservatives as well as social democrats and liberals.

The goal in sight

Pastoral care area forums in the Archdiocese of Cologne concluded © Archdiocese of Cologne

It is gradually taking shape, the "target image" of the pastoral future path, especially with regard to the future parishes and communities in the Archdiocese of Cologne. At the pastoral area forums, many people talked to each other.

When honecker fled to the rectory

Jan Josef Liefers wants to film a story from the Wende era. This concerns the months when ex-GDR head of state Erich Honecker sought refuge in a Protestant congregation after the fall of the SED regime.

Pope: 'do not pray like parrots'

Pope Francis has given Christians tips on how to pray. It is important to be humble, to have confidence and trust in God, and also not to unlearn wonder, the pope said during the general audience in St. Peter's Square.

Norbert Lammert has been President of the German Bundestag for four years. On Tuesday, members of the Bundestag confirmed him in office. The Bochum CDU politician described his re-election as an "honor" and an "obligation" – and thus also described himself.

Conscientiousness, but also discomfort and wit characterize the president of parliament. As early as four years ago, he pointed out that he was aware of both the importance and the limits of his post. This is the spirit in which the 60-year-old has exercised his office ever since. Lammert is held in high esteem across all parliamentary groups, recognized above all for his fairness. Four years ago, when members of the Bundestag failed to elect Left Party leader Lothar Bisky as vice president of the Bundestag, Lammert urged prudence, calling the scandal a "blemish" of the new parliament. When Lammert makes speeches, he always does so with a twinkle in his eye, without making his jokes at the expense of others.

Criticism of public broadcaster at the start of the debate