It is disputed how many "cuckoo children" there are in Germany. The cooperation community of the free experts for descent appraisals in Germany (Valid) ames that ten percent of all children do not originate from the alleged father. On the other hand, a 2005 international study from Great Britain found only 3.7 percent "cuckoo children. Ultimately, it is the individual case that counts: If doubts cannot be removed and an open discussion between the partners is not possible, more and more fathers are resorting to DAN analyses.

For such a paternity test, a saliva sample from the alleged father and a few saliva cells from the child are sufficient. A swab is often taken from the oral mucosa of small children or from a pacifier. Even with a spit out chewing gum something can be done.According to Valid's managing director Kirsten Thelen, there are approximately 30.000 DNA paternity tests in Germany. 15.000 would be commissioned by courts in paternity challenge proceedings and mostly carried out at scientific, forensic medical institutes. Another 15.000 tests are carried out in private laboratories, of which an estimated 1500 are done secretly, i.e. without the consent of the child or the mother.Seven laboratories based in Germany joined forces in Valid in 2004. They specialize in private parentage reports, have agreed on quality standards and charge between 350 and 500 euros for a paternity test. It is estimated that a total of around 200 providers advertise their tests on the Internet – often at dumping prices of around 180 euros. These very low costs are hardly comprehensible for Valid members from an economic point of view. Warnings against "cheat packs. Often such low-cost laboratories are located abroad.The predominant number of paternity tests, which take place country widely in the private laboratories of Valid, are examined according to the data "in the agreement of all involved ones, in order to avoid judicial argument". That is 80 to 90 percent. Only the remaining 10 to 20 percent also took place at Valid, without the alleged "cuckoo children" or their mothers knowing about it.

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