Balloons, a vine and two church services

In the birthplace of Benedict XVI. is currently humming.
The Upper Bavarian market town of Marktl am Inn has come up with a number of ideas to give the 80. Birthday of the Pope on 16. April to celebrate. The people of Marktplatz always have in mind the wish of their honorary citizen to put questions of faith in the center of attention. So it goes almost without saying that the focus will be on church services and a devotion. And then, of course, there is the eagerly awaited opening of Joseph Ratzinger's birthplace at Marktplatz 11.

By White Sunday, 15. However, the public will have to wait until April. The Bishop of Passau, Wilhelm Schraml, will come to the market town to celebrate the service and to open the former Electoral Toll and Customs House from 1745 to visitors. In the building, which was seat of the police in the 20's, lived at that time in the second floor the gendarme Joseph Ratzinger with its family. Whose wife Maria brought on 16. April 1927, a Holy Saturday, by 4.At 3 p.m., their third child – the future cardinal and pope – will be born.The people of Markt want to do justice to this event on the spot. "A morning service is scheduled for 4 o'clock in the house," says pastor Josef Kaiser. With all those who are up at this early hour, he will then go in a procession of lights to St. Oswald to celebrate baptismal renewal. With this, the citizens of the story of Pope Benedict XVI. in the truest sense of the word on the tracks. It was just a few hours after the pope's birth, when at 8.30 o'clock Chaplain Josef Stangl baptized the new citizen of the earth with the name "Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger".The neo-Gothic baptismal font has been freshly renovated in the parish church since last year. The pope himself was able to see this for himself when, on 11. September 2006 paid a brief visit to his birthplace. The children of Marktl and the surrounding area also turn 80. Benedict XVI's birthday. come to a special appearance. Starting at 11 a.m., about 800 girls and boys send cards with birthday greetings to the pontiff to the sky by balloons. School free is no problem, because Marktl's mayor Hubert Gschwendter (SPD) is full-time Konrektor of the elementary school Zeilarn.A vine is to be planted at the birthplace itself. Since the garden is not yet completely finished, it will temporarily find its place in a trough. But that is not all. At 6 p.m., the area around the Benedict Column in front of City Hall will receive a new name: Pope Benedict XVI.-Place. The finale then at 18.30 a.m. a festive service with the first performance of the Benedict Mass. The composition comes from Father Kaiser personally.It is not the first work of the musically gifted priest, who can play the piano and organ. He came up with a festive mass for 4 wind instruments, organ, tenor solo and choir. It is a "well-pleasing, rhythmic music," he reveals. For Kaiser, the next few days will therefore be filled with all kinds of preparations. But the pope had, after all, encouraged the 56-year-old clergyman during his visit when he inquired about the work in the Marktl parish association: "You are still young. You can handle it."

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