Bridges of dialogue

For the eleventh time, the Muslims in Germany are inviting people to an event on 3.
October to a "day of the open mosque" one. The motto is "Mosques Bridges for a Common Future," explains the Coordinating Council of Muslims. For the first time, local congregations from all four major umbrella organizations – the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB), the Islamic Council, the Central Council of Muslims and the Association of Islamic Cultural Centers – took part in the campaign.

The Open Mosque Day on German Unity Day is intended to "express the self-image of Muslims as part of German unity and their solidarity with the population as a whole," it said. "We hope that the encounters will become bridges of dialogue and better understanding."In a panel discussion on Monday in Cologne, leading representatives of the four umbrella organizations want to talk about the contribution mosques make to the coexistence of people.

Muslims want to use the day to show solidarity with their German society

With the action, Muslims want to set a sign of solidarity with their German society, the Central Council explained. They also want to work together to promote openness and peacefulness. Since this year the "Day of the Open Mosque" falls in the fasting month of Ramadan, some communities would not participate in the action, it was said. In contrast, other Muslim communities take advantage of Ramadan to break their fast together with their non-Muslim visitors in the evening. The Central Council of Muslims has been calling for an "Open Mosque Day" since 1997. In the meantime, according to the information, all Islamic associations participate in the campaign. In recent years, the Central Council counted about 1.000 participating mosques and over 100.000 visitors. It estimates the total number of mosques in Germany at 2.200. About one in three is in North Rhine-Westphalia. Of the 3.3 million Muslims, around one million live in Germany's most populous state.

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