“Deification of mammon”

Behind economic crisis and collapse of major banks, Pope Benedict XVI says. Ultimately personal greed and an "idolatry of mammon". The Church has the duty to courageously and concretely name the motives and background of the current crisis, said the head of the Church on Thursday at a meeting with the clergy of the city of Rome.

And further: "Great moralisms alone are of no help if they are not determined by expertise." The occasion of the address was the traditional meeting of the Pope as Bishop of Rome with the parish priests and chaplains of his diocese. For two hours, Benedict XVI took. in the Vatican Benediction Auditorium for the meeting with his priests. In answers to eight questions, he commented on problems of communicating the faith, the pope's primacy, but also his next encyclical. Benedict XVI. Shared before the clergy that he was currently working on an encyclical on economic and social ies. A "difficult subject," since one must speak out with both expertise and an ethical consciousness formed from the Gospel. Benedict XVI did not specify a date for the publication of his third encyclical. Not. Observers expect it to happen this spring. The primacy of the pope guarantees, according to Benedict XVI. The universality of the church, across nationalisms and other borders. It is not about a desire for superiority, but about a unifying point to overcome national borders and the identification with a certain culture. Primacy should guarantee catholicity in the richness of cultures while excluding any form of absolutism. It should provide a guarantee against fashions, peculiarities, false doctrines and one-sidedness, the pope said.

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