Distress among neighbors

The chairman of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, called at Christmas for solidarity with the weak and more social responsibility. With the concern for the economy the view for the fellow men at "our neighbor door" and the perspective on the coming generation may not be neglected, explained Zollitsch on the first Christmas day in the Freiburg minster.

It is the task of all those who bear responsibility to ensure that economic strength is maintained and jobs are safeguarded. In view of the financial and economic crisis, Zollitsch spoke out in favor of aid measures to preserve banks and key industries.At the same time, however, he added, it makes him "more than thoughtful when we make billions available overnight to solve financial and economic problems and, on the other hand, lack the funds to increase child benefits by more than 10 euros a month or to expand subsidies for kindergartens and schools in the necessary way.In this context, he complained that young people who had completed their education were often no longer able to obtain a secure employment contract, which was a decisive basis for them to start a family and say yes to having children. A rethink is urgently needed here in our society!", says the archbishop.Zollitsch emphasized that Christians cannot be indifferent when the economic crisis that is to be feared threatens to put many people in distress: "Then we can expect more from us than criticism from the warmth of our living rooms, more than criticism of the cool, inhumane financial behavior of some bankers or the immoral, because greedy, business practices of some managers."The child in the manger ultimately poses the question of what is in the foreground for one's own actions. Everyone must ask themselves whether they would give up a cherished advantage "in order to enable others to live in dignity?" Christians could give a face to God's solidarity through their actions.

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