“Overcome indignation culture”

The Munich philosopher and Jesuit Michael Bordt calls for more listening and more conversations about positive visions for society. For Pope Francis, there is a lack of tenderness and the mercy of God in society.

The cause of the poisoned social mood is, according to the board of the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership at the Munich School of Philosophy, a strong sense of insecurity: "We are living in a time of transition, in which the post-war order that provided stability for decades has lost its power of persuasion," Michael Bordt said this Saturday in the newspaper "Welt". People's parties, churches, unions and social market economy would have lost persuasive power.

"But the new is not yet visible. 'It's not yet clear what will replace the old order,' Bordt says. There is polarization, appeal to hatred and disgust, and exclusion. However, it would be important to go beyond indignation and enter into a conversation.

Churches should bring people together

According to the Jesuit, churches and religions are also affected by this transformation. He very much regrets that "even the representatives of the churches are partly involved in the business of exclusion," said Bordt. The churches would actually be the social institution that should build bridges and bring people together.

As a positive development, Bordt sees a great longing for depth and spirituality. People no longer want to be told by the marketing departments of large corporations what constitutes a happy and successful life.

Advice for executives and top managers

The philosopher also registers such reflection among executives and top managers whom he advises. At present, they have to make decisions for which the tools they learned in their studies are no longer sufficient, he said. In uncertain situations, decisions can only be made by those who "have a strong personality; who can give themselves orientation". At the heart of the matter is the ability for self-reflection and self-awareness: "Those who do not know who they are and why they do what they do will not be able to cope with the demands of the job in the long term."

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