After paris

After paris

Following the Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris, discrimination against Muslims has increased, according to the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek.

"This is not new, it has become stronger and stronger in recent years," Mazyek said Friday in an interview on With regard to the Pegida movement and the AfD party, he lamented that the inhibition threshold has fallen. "It has become more respectable to make openly racist statements. Society has always been well advised to sanction this."

As for anti-Semitism, he said, "that is widely respected, at least in public discourse, with great efforts". But even in this, he said, there must be a constant struggle, because anti-Semitism "has not become less because of this at the regular table". "Similar sanction mechanisms" are also needed on the ie of Muslim hostility, he said. "We are therefore currently discussing with the authorities how to record Islamophobic crimes separately."

Involving mosque communities, schools, families and sports clubs

To prevent extremism, mosque communities, schools, families and sports clubs must be involved, Mazyek said. In addition, he said, more German imams are needed who were born and raised in Germany. "This is what we strive for as a religious community."

Green Party leader Cem ozdemir said in the same interview that there are too few theologians in Germany who can even approach young people. "Often import imams don't even speak reasonable German and, depending on the current ruler, bring their understanding of Islam with them from Ankara, Cairo or somewhere else."

In order to prevent radicalization, "Islamic religious instruction in school, which is based on the ground of the catch," would help. ozdemir emphasized with regard to Islamists, "We know: These are often failed existences who are de facto completely unfamiliar with religion and use Islamic set pieces to create their extreme worldview in order to draw self-confidence and identity from it."

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