“Backward-looking accents”

The French media on Saturday reported in great detail on the first day of Pope Benedict XVI's trip to France. reported in the country. For many newspapers, commentary centered on the debate over the state's ideological neutrality, the French "laicite".

The newspaper "Le Monde" said that the "laicite" was the center of the speeches on the first day of the papal trip. Her commentary also pointed out that the pope's service planned for Saturday in front of the Invalides Cathedral in Paris carried backward-looking accents. The liturgical vestments of Benedict XVI, for example. has been tailored in an abbey close to the traditionalists. The newspaper "Liberation" noted that President Nicolas Sarkozy, while welcoming the Catholic Church leader, renewed his controversial call for "positive secularism," but this time avoided controversial statements. La Depeche" also wrote that the president, in contrast to previous speeches, did not sing the praises of religions, even though he reiterated the desire for "positive secularity". The newspaper "L'Alsace", on the other hand, said that Sarkozy's welcoming speech had once again worried the defenders of an ideological neutrality of the state. The citizens expected from their president above all to improve their living conditions in this world. The commentator of the daily newspaper "France-Soir" underlined that in the upcoming debates on ies of bioethics and genetic research, the relationship between church and state will be concretely examined. But politics must have the last word in this matter. La Voix du Nord" said the debate on secularism had gained some serenity with Friday's speeches. It added that Benedict XVI. while still on the plane, he recalled the biblical saying that to Caesar must be given what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. The Catholic daily newspaper "La Croix" emphasized that Benedict XVI. Has explicitly endorsed the separation of church and state. But he said it was equally important for him to insist that religious leaders must have the opportunity to make politicians aware of their responsibilities. The daily newspaper "Le Figaro" wrote that the pope had managed to find his style in the time since he took office in 2005. Yet he was a pedagogue and theologian who had been taught the great gestures of his predecessor, John Paul II. are foreign. The Ouest-France newspaper commented that the pope had shown himself to be a "sower of charity and hope" in his first speeches in Paris. The paper's commentator also welcomed Benedict XVI's cancellation. to every form of fundamentalism.

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