“Be missionaries”

Pope Benedict XVI. called on young Catholics to spread the Christian faith in his message for World Youth Day 2008. It is not an expression of intolerance to share one's faith with others, says the text for the next big youth meeting in Sydney, Australia, in July 2008. Martin Korden spoke with Cologne Auxiliary Bishop Heiner Koch about the pope's message. Koch was secretary general of the World Youth Day in Cologne and played a key role in organizing the great celebration of faith two years ago.

The Pope stressed that young Catholics in particular have the opportunity to reach out to their peers with their language, ideals, expectations and also sensitivities. Because to speak about Christ and to bear witness to his message does not mean to force one's faith on someone. Not only Europe has to rediscover its Christian roots, but also Australia and Oceania. Benedict XVI also wants to attend the next World Youth Day. from 15 to 20.July 2008 to travel to the Australian metropolis. The previous Catholic World Youth Meeting had taken place in Cologne in August 2006 with about one million participants.

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