“Deliberate deception of the public”

It hails criticism of the state government. The realignment of inclusion in North Rhine-Westphalian schools threatens to fail, according to parents' and teachers' associations. Especially high schools withdraw completely.

So far, the new quality standards of the black-yellow state government for the joint teaching of handicapped and non-handicapped students have proven to be "completely without substance," the state chairwoman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Dorothea Schafer, told journalists in Dusseldorf on Friday.

The planned reduction of inclusion classes to a maximum of 25 students is "legally non-binding," Schafer said. In addition, the specifications for personnel, spatial and financial resources for future priority schools for joint learning are "extremely woolly".

High schools pull out completely

Most high schools took advantage of the legal opportunity to completely withdraw from inclusive classes. That's why Haupt-, Real-, Sekundar- and Gesamtschulen would have to form additional classes.

The chairman of the inclusion association "Gemeinsam leben, Gemeinsam Lernen NRW", Bernd Kochanek, accused school minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) of "a deliberate deception of the public". The promised quality improvements in class sizes and teacher staff would "not be carried out" in the corresponding decree.

The state government had delegated all ies of quality improvement to the school board. "The minister talks about quality, but she does nothing for it," said Kochanek.

State student council sees significant regression in school inclusion

The state student council (LSV) sees clear backward steps in school inclusion. The school minister violates the agreements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by focusing on special schools, said LSV representative Nikolaj Grunwald.

According to the plans of the state government, from 2020/2021 inclusive classes will only be formed at regular schools in the lower secondary level if they have special education teachers, the teaching staff is systematically trained and there are also the spatial conditions with barrier-free buildings

Inclusive classes should have no more than 25 students, including three handicap students. For this purpose, an additional half a teacher should be available.

In NRW, according to the Ministry of Education, there are 140.000 pupils with special educational needs. Of which attend 80.000 a special school and 60.000 a regular school. At present there are 444 special schools in NRW. In 2010, 615 special schools were still in operation.

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