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The plan of the city of Rome to distribute the coins from the Trevi Fountain more widely was heavily criticized. According to the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano", the proceeds will now go exclusively to the Caritas charity for the poor.

The money tourists throw into Rome's Trevi Fountain will now go exclusively to Caritas in the capital after all. This was confirmed by the mayor, Virgina Raggi, to the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" (Tuesday), the paper reported in advance on Monday. Previously, there had been repeated debate about whether the coins, which add up to around 1.5 million euros over the year, should not be distributed more widely.

According to the report, Raggi has also promised Caritas the income from other Roman wells. This would add another 200 per year.000 euros added. However, in the future the collection of the money should be done by the utility company Acea. Its employees would collect, sort and forward the coins; for this service, Acea would retain an expense allowance of about 2.000 euros. The rest should be paid out to Caritas without exception, says Raggi.

For 18 years the money has gone to Caritas

Since 2001, the money has gone to Caritas of the Diocese of Rome, which operates more than 50 social services and 145 drop-in centers in Catholic parishes in the capital city. From 1. April on, the proceeds from the fountain were to be distributed among various organizations, but also go to the preservation of urban cultural assets.

Raggi called this interpretation of a communication of the city administration from December a misunderstanding. According to media reports, she had met on Sunday with the department heads involved for "clarification".

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