Longer high in sight

Longer high in sight

Applause, applause! At the plenary meeting of the Diocesan Council in the Archdiocese of Cologne, Archbishop Woelki presented his plans for the future. He wants to initiate change and involve lay people in the process. Helmut Pathe comments.

On the occasion of Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki's amption of office, one could often read about climate change in the Archdiocese of Cologne. Barometer, i.e. indicator for this change, is certainly the plenary assembly of the diocesan council in the archdiocese, the "highest lay body", as it calls itself. This barometer showed a high at the weekend. At the plenary assembly, the archbishop and his vicar general presented their plans for the future. And the way these reflections arrived, one can probably ame a prolonged high, no low in sight.

It may be that not everyone will immediately like the archbishop's ideas. But the fact alone that Cardinal Woelki took a whole morning to answer questions willingly is a clear sign of change. The laity want to accompany it, but they also want to be involved. But the archbishop also stands for this, who wants to orient his advisory bodies in this way. There was a lot of talk about trusting one another at the Assembly meeting. The Archbishop and the Diocesan Council seem to have found a basis for it.

A name, as usual with meteorological weather situations, has the high not yet. Some could imagine Rainer Maria.

Helmut Pathe

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