“Look, the sun!”

A story that could have come out of a mystery thriller: The miracle of the sun at Fatima on 13. October 1917 tens of thousands of Portuguese moved. The shepherd children of Fatima even predicted an assassination of the pope.

13. October 1917: A huge crowd has gathered in the wide plain of the Cova da Iria near the small town of Fatima in Portugal. There are probably over 70.000 who came despite pouring rain. They all want to know what's up with the rumors that have been circulating for months now. Three shepherd children from the area, just seven, nine and ten years old – the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to them several times on this spot. Always on 13. of the month, it is said to have appeared to the two girls and the boy in a blaze of light. Is it just a prank by three children?

In the last few months, more and more people have become curious and on each 13. have come to the Cova da Iria. But only the three children have actually seen the mysterious woman. Today, on 13. October, the mysterious lady in the light shine shall appear for the sixth and last time, the children said. In addition, she will send a miracle.

The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima

And indeed – as always at noon, the three children seem to see the Blessed Mother in the glow of light. Shortly afterwards, Lucia, one of the two girls, excitedly points to the sky. Tens of thousands of people scream, marvel or fall to their knees as they look up into the sky and see incredible things. Journalists and scientists present at the event described what they saw afterwards like this:

"Like a bolt from the blue, the clouds were swept aside and the sun appeared. Before the eyes of the astonished crowd, the sun trembled, making sudden incredible movements outside all cosmic laws" – "The sun's disk swirled around itself in a wild whirlpool, when suddenly a noise was heard by everyone. The sun seemed to detach itself from the firmament and to move ominously toward the earth." – "The light changed to a beautiful blue, as if it had come through the stained glass windows of a cathedral, and spread over the people who knelt with outstretched hands, weeping, praying."

The event lasts for ten minutes. Still at a distance of 40 km the miracle of the sun is perceived. But strangely enough: In the crowd, there are also some who see nothing out of the ordinary and wonder about people's reaction. No observatory in the world has taken note of the movements of the sun. Still, to all those who attended the 13. October in Fatima have one thing in common: their clothes, which were dripping wet just a moment ago, have dried completely in one fell swoop.

Now the shepherd children are believed. What they claim to have seen now takes on great significance. Children say Blessed Mother Mary called for prayer and penance. She is also said to have revealed three secrets to the children. Only years later these are published.

The three secrets of the shepherds' cider

In the first mystery, Mary is said to have told two of the three children that they would soon go to heaven. In fact Francisco and Jacinta died a few years after the apparitions. Also, Mary is said to have given children a glimpse of hell. In the second secret, Mary had announced the near end of World War I and the beginning of a new, even worse war. She is also said to have prophesied the conversion of Russia. The third secret, however, was to remain secret for an even longer time. The Vatican, which had received the secret written down by Lucia, kept the letter closed.

64 years later at the Vatican

13. May 1981: shots are fired in St. Peter's Square in Rome, they are aimed at Pope John Paul II. Pope wrestles with death, but survives. Immediately he had attributed his salvation to Our Lady who appeared in Fatima 64 years ago, because: John Paul II. knows the content of the third mystery. In her letter, Lucia had written:

"We saw persons passing by, a bishop dressed in white, we had the idea that it was the Holy Father. Then he was killed. He was shot with firearms."

A bullet had John Paul II. hit in the abdomen, narrowly missing the main artery. A hand fired the bullet, a maternal one guided it, the pope said at the time after the assassination attempt. A year later, John Paul II visited. Fatima.

The bullet that was supposed to kill the pope has since been gilded in the crown of the statue of Mary in Fatima, – the place in Portugal that has become one of the biggest pilgrimage sites in the world since the 1917 miracle of the sun.

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