Many questions and still few answers

Many questions and still few answers

Corona warning app © Hauke-Christian Dittrich

The German Caritas Association has called for legal regulations on the federal government's Corona warning app, which is now available to the public. "There must be no disadvantages," says Caritas President Peter Neher.

"Parallel to the technical development of the app, the legislative process should be initiated without delay," Caritas President Peter Neher said in Berlin. The association criticized the fact that without appropriate provisions, for example, questions of labor law and those concerning use by children and young people would remain unanswered.

No disadvantages for those who do not install warning app

In principle, the Caritas Association welcomed such a warning app to contain the Corona pandemic and prevent a second wave of infection. Tracing chains of infection would be all the more important if contact restrictions were relaxed.

According to the association, however, the installation of the warning app should be voluntary. "There should be no disadvantages – not even through the back door – if the app is not installed," Neher said. Responding to messages sent by the app should not be made mandatory, he said.

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