“Moral declaration of bankruptcy”

The Catholic relief organization Misereor opposes an expansion of the mandate of the European border protection force Frontex. Addressing causes of flight is possible with support at the local level, says chief executive Pirmin Spiegel.

"The greatest effort must be to protect people, not to build more fences and camps," Misereor chief executive Pirmin Spiegel said Tuesday ahead of the upcoming meeting of EU leaders in Salzburg on Wednesday and Thursday.

Encroachment on the sovereignty of these states

In the run-up, voices increased praising the expansion of Frontex as a "central solution to the migration ie," criticized Spiegel. A possible extension of the mandate to include missions in third countries outside Europe would be "an encroachment on the sovereignty of these states and not a sign of the often-invoked partnership with Africa".

This development solidifies a policy "that further restricts everyone's right to mobility and fails to exploit development potential for Africa as well as Europe," Spiegel added. For him, the fact that the EU – despite all its social problems – had reached "the apparent limits of its capacity and its solidarity" with the refugees arriving here was tantamount to "a moral declaration of bankruptcy on the part of Europe.

Help on the ground

"During a trip to northern Ethiopia in recent days, I saw how, with support at the local level, it is possible to address the causes of migration and flight and to make a dignified life possible on the ground," says Pirmin Spiegel. With regard to Germany, he notes that the willingness to help in Germany remains high. (CBA)

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