Protest gladly, but please not so

Protest gladly, but please not so

A day after the church service was disrupted, the Cologne Cathedral chapter announced legal action against the "Pussy Riot" supporters. On our site-Interview Domdechant Robert Kleine welcomes in principle the protest against the sentence in Russia. But in this case borders had been crossed.

Interviewer: How do you judge the incident in the Cologne Cathedral?

Msgr Kleine: It is legitimate and certainly appropriate to protest against the verdict in Russia – in public, for example in squares. But there are limits: when the right of others is curtailed.
Interviewer: How does the Archdiocese of Cologne react now?

Kleine: The peace in the Cologne Cathedral was disturbed: during a service the action was carried out. We cannot and will not accept this. Therefore we will file criminal charges. The right to freedom of demonstration must not be placed above the right to freedom of religion and the religious feelings of those celebrating worship.
Interviewer: Can an action like this be prevented?

Little one: No. The cathedral is open as a place of worship and church for all who come to pray. But also for the tourists who see what others have created centuries ago for the glory of God. We don't have strict entry controls; we make sure no one comes into the cathedral with drinks or dogs. But I can't guarantee that someone won't pull a mask out of his pocket and put it on and start shouting. We cannot control that, nor do we want to control that. I only appeal to reason. We have rights, and these rights must also apply to the cathedral as a place of worship.

The interview was conducted by Mathias Peter.

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