Ten percent less church tax because of corona

Ten percent less church tax because of corona

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Because of the Corona pandemic, the diocese of Aachen expects ten percent less church tax revenue this year. That's about 25 million euros, as the diocese announced in Aachen on Monday.

The shortfall would be made up by "reserves built up in good years," according to a decision by the diocesan church tax council.

The key allocations for the parishes, associations and other church institutions remained stable for the years 2021 and 2022 "including an adjustment to tariff increases as well as inflation," it said. According to the data, around 120 million euros are currently flowing to church congregations and other church sponsors.

Lower revenues also expected for subsequent years

The economist Martin Tolle, who has been in office since the beginning of the year, explained that limited financial leeway is to be expected not only this year, but also in the following years. In light of this, "the development of human resources and material costs will be closely monitored".

For 2018, the diocese still reported a 3.6 percent increase in church tax revenue to 261 million euros, despite a decline in membership. The diocese reports equity of 441 million euros, 16 million euros more than in 2017. Total assets amounted to 849 million euros (2017: 808 million euros).

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