Three years after the is attack in northern iraq

Three years after the is attack in northern iraq

The IS attack on Yazidis in the Sinjar Mountains in northern Iraq three years ago had about 5.000 people lost their lives, thousands of women and children were abducted. More than 400.000 people have fled.

On Thursday, Diakonie Dusseldorf commemorates the Yazidis, victims of persecution and murder by Islamist terrorists in the northern Iraqi town of Shingal, or Sinjar, on 3. August 2014 were.

Commemoration of the victims

On the third anniversary of the massacre, the victims will be remembered in a memorial service at Berger Church from 3 to 6 p.m., the Diakonie announced Wednesday. Candles are to be lit for the victims of the Shingal massacre at the mourning site next to the Protestant church in the Old City. After a greeting in Kurdish and German, there will be a minute of silence, a documentary film about Shingal and stories from contemporary witnesses.

Mass exodus to the Shingal mountains

When the so-called Islamic State (IS) advanced into the town, it triggered a mass exodus. But many people did not manage to escape, they were persecuted, murdered and executed, as the Diakonie explained. Women and girls were abducted, raped and sold as slaves in the bazaars of Mol and Rakka. Those who could, fled to the Shingal mountains. It was not until mid-November 2015 that Kurdish peshmerga units managed to liberate the city.

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