“Vulnerability must play a central role”

Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin © Ettore Ferrari

Can a society become more humane? According to Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, this would be possible if it took the vulnerabilities of people, nature and community much more seriously.

The "rediscovery of natural vulnerability must play a central role if new forms of social, economic and cultural coexistence are to be created after the pandemic," Parolin said Saturday in a video lecture at the University of Lugano.

If politics, science, business and social interaction actually took vulnerability and weakness seriously as a fundamental component, Parolin said, it would be an "epochal turning point". Vulnerability, early 20. The Pope said that the theme of the vulnerability of nature at the beginning of the twentieth century stands in direct contrast to the mania for omnipotence and perfection of industrialized and globalized man. The latter often had only contempt for weakness and vulnerability.

Developing a civilization of compassion

But the pandemic shows how much insecurity, fear and unpreparedness prevails even in rich, organized societies. "To save ourselves, we have to stop the world," the cardinal secretary of state said, "but we can't live with a standing world either."Therefore, it is now necessary to develop "with moral passion" a "civilization of compassion" and to become aware of one's own guilt entanglement.

The Bible directs our attention to the small and the weak, whom God respects especially. Christianity, which refers to Jesus Christ, born as an infant in a stable and executed on the cross, cannot foresee such vulnerability. The Christian faith must now proclaim this anew and with greater vigor.

Digital lecture instead of personal visit

Parolin originally wanted to come to Switzerland in person. The occasion for the planned visit was the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the Swiss Confederation. Due to rising infection figures, the trip with several stops had been canceled.

Parolin gave the lecture at Lugano's theology faculty on the occasion of a study day of the "Eugenio Corecco Chair," named after the former Lugano bishop (1986-1995), founded in 2019. Foundation chairman is Milan's senior bishop, Cardinal Angelo Scola. The study day was dedicated to "Vulnerability as a renewed perspective of human dignity". The ie of vulnerability has been receiving increased attention in numerous sciences in recent years.

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