“We have the pope”

The climate activists of Fridays for Future were accused of being a religious community and not convincing with arguments and facts. They reacted to this criticism in a tweet with a reference to the pope.

The parliamentary director of the CDU and CSU in the Bundestag, Manfred Grund, had accused the movement on ZDF that it was a religious community and could not be convinced with arguments and facts. As the "Bild" newspaper reported on Wednesday, the organization countered in a tweet directed at the CDU: "We have the Pope in our faith community, what else do you have Christian?"

Fridays for Future referred under the short message with Twitter to a report on Pope Franziskus from the weekend, in which the head of the catholic church expressed the concern for the world climate and called for a radical change of the way of life.

Answers to the criticism

Grund had previously said that the activists believed they had to save the world, "and not in ten years, but today, now and immediately". They are used to that from the "operation of the cell phone": "press on it, result, further", so the Union politician. You can't talk the supporters out of it: "You can't get anywhere with arguments," the member of the Bundestag said. Facts would count for little.

On ZDF, Fridays for Future had already rejected the criticism: "Viewing political movements as a faith community to save the world is probably something the Christian Democratic Union does particularly well," said spokeswoman Line Niedeggen. The CDU already carries faith in its name. Fridays for Future, on the other hand, has from the beginning demanded nothing more than listening to science. She had accused CDU politician Grund of not listening to facts for decades, as the worsening climate crisis was measurable.

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