Summer break ends

After the summer break, Pope Benedict XVI. resumed his general audiences at the Vatican. He continued his catechesis on prayer with thoughts on the last book of the New Testament, the Revelations of John. Regular prayer awakens in man "the sense of God's presence" in his life.

Speaking in several languages, the pope greeted several thousand Rome pilgrims Wednesday in the Vatican audience hall. "In the din of so many useless words," many people have forgotten how to listen, the pope said in his address. Above all, he said, people are now little accustomed to silence, both inwardly and outwardly, in order to listen to God's voice in prayer. To pray, however, does not mean to say more words and to ask God to fulfill one's needs, but to listen to the loving God, to praise him and to glorify him, Benedict XVI emphasized.

In July, the general audiences were suspended; in August, the pope received the faithful at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo just 30 kilometers southeast of Rome. The return of Benedict XVI. to the Vatican is not expected before the end of September.

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