Latin America is a Corona hotspot. To stop the spread of the virus there, the Catholic Latin America relief organization Adveniat calls for a temporary lifting of patent protection and takes the states and governments to task.

Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner is against Federal Agriculture Minister Horst Seehofer becoming CSU chairman if he has an extramarital affair. In the Cologne "Express" (Wednesday), Meisner asked the question: "How then does he want to become chairman of a Christian party?? How far have we actually come?" According to the cardinal, special demands may in principle be made on the private lives of public figures when it comes to the transmission of values. Meisner also commented on the pardon of RAF prisoners and the role of mothers in society.

This applies, for example, to a politician who has been divorced several times, he said, saying something about marital fidelity. "Everyone laughs at that," said the archbishop. When a politician experiences "one disaster after another" in his or her family, it is often said that the private sphere should be ignored. Meisner said: "Why?? Are we dealing with two different people in his case?? Or is he a split personality? Then he is schizophrenic and belongs to the doctor, but not on a minister's chair."Meisner criticized an understanding of family according to which "family is where children are raised". The marriage remains outside. "At the same time, marriage is the source of the family, and accordingly it should be nurtured and kept fresh by the spouses," Meisner said.

Recognizing motherhood as a profession

Savings for the central office

Bishops' Conference wants to save © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Church taxes are bubbling up, many Catholic dioceses have high revenues. But the German Bishops' Conference has to save money and is cutting back on ministries and associations. Some find this short-sighted.

The plan of the city of Rome to distribute the coins from the Trevi Fountain more widely was heavily criticized. According to the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano", the proceeds will now go exclusively to the Caritas charity for the poor.