Aleppo has become a symbol of the Syrian war. Again and again diplomats and aid workers complain about the appalling situation of the trapped and bombed people. Now the EU is launching a new effort for aid.

"Mainz was a wonderful place of German-Jewish life," was the verdict of Leo Trepp, a native of Mainz, even before the inauguration of the new synagogue. The last living rabbi, who was ordained during the Nazi era, did not live to see the day of celebration.

The German Foreign Office has called for restraint in dealing with statements by the Taliban and warned against a media war. The Taliban are consistently and energetically using developments in Afghanistan to advance their own goals, spokesman Martin Jager said in Berlin on Thursday. Journalists should not be taken in by this. In the ARD morning show, Jager had previously spoken of "masters of ceremonies of terror". It can be amed that they are now turning specifically to Germany because of the debate about the Bundeswehr mandates, which will continue until the fall.

The Taliban's propaganda office somewhere in the Afghan-Pakistan border area is very well organized with mobile phone numbers and mail contacts, the foreign office spokesman said. He reminded of the speculations of the previous Saturday about the alleged murder of the two German hostages. A Taliban spokesman had apparently upset the whole of Germany with just a few phone calls in Kabul. "This must not be. This cannot be," said Jager. The German government had countered this massively. Democracies may be vulnerable, but they are not defenseless.In the meantime, Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (SPD) again pleaded in the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" for a continuation of the commitment in Afghanistan. The German government wants to "stay the course clearly," she said. "Anything else would be misunderstood by perpetrators of violence as weakness." German development cooperation, he said, was focused on rebuilding infrastructure and the economy and training teachers. It is necessary to provide people with alternative sources of income to opium cultivation.

German aid organizations continue programs in Afghanistan – Welthungerhilfe in this site-Intervi

The Cologne “Notel”, the emergency sleeping and sick shelter of the Spiritan Foundation Knechtsteden, is 25 years old. A visit to the Catholic facility that means more than “a little bit of home” for drug-addicted, homeless men.

Appeal for peace

Pope Francis (m.) receives the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya and his wife Chantal © Vincenzo Pinto

Cameroon's President Paul Biya met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday. During the conversation, which lasted a good 20 minutes, the importance of promoting national cohesion was also stressed, according to the Vatican.