Famine in South Sudan © Kate Holt/ Unicef Handout

Famine in East Africa continues to worsen, aid agencies say. The helpers often lack adequate access to those affected, complains the head of Caritas international, Oliver Muller, on Monday in the ZDF morning show.

Social drama and milieu study with great entertainment value

A completely new genre of music for the children and young people of the cathedral choirs is the current opera production in the Staatenhaus. For the intensive rehearsal work of "Street scene" many of them even skipped the entire Easter vacations.

Together or alone?

Britain to stay in the EU? © Federico Gambarini

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Britain remaining in the EU. The British vote on 23. June vote on remaining in the EU.

German Hans-Gert Pottering (CDU) is new President of the European Parliament. In Tuesday's election in Strasbourg, he received 450 of 715 votes cast. The 61-year-old lawyer was most recently head of the strongest group in Parliament, the Christian Democratic European People's Party (EPP). As a candidate for president, he was supported by conservatives as well as social democrats and liberals.

Pope: 'do not pray like parrots'

Pope Francis has given Christians tips on how to pray. It is important to be humble, to have confidence and trust in God, and also not to unlearn wonder, the pope said during the general audience in St. Peter's Square.

Norbert Lammert has been President of the German Bundestag for four years. On Tuesday, members of the Bundestag confirmed him in office. The Bochum CDU politician described his re-election as an "honor" and an "obligation" – and thus also described himself.

Conscientiousness, but also discomfort and wit characterize the president of parliament. As early as four years ago, he pointed out that he was aware of both the importance and the limits of his post. This is the spirit in which the 60-year-old has exercised his office ever since. Lammert is held in high esteem across all parliamentary groups, recognized above all for his fairness. Four years ago, when members of the Bundestag failed to elect Left Party leader Lothar Bisky as vice president of the Bundestag, Lammert urged prudence, calling the scandal a "blemish" of the new parliament. When Lammert makes speeches, he always does so with a twinkle in his eye, without making his jokes at the expense of others.

Criticism of public broadcaster at the start of the debate

While over the carnival days up and down the Rhine the carnival jesters parade through the streets, the followers of the church cabaret come to the Rhine town of Bad Honnef to the 10. "Church cabaret marathon". "This is an alternative to carnival," promises organizer Christiane Kegel of the Catholic Social Institute (KSI), adding, "with class.".

What the then head of KSI, Joachim Sikora, thought up in 1999 as a small event on the long Carnival weekend for the conference center of the Archdiocese of Cologne has since become a real hit in the annual program. "We are also booked up to the last broom closet this time," Kegel is pleased with the approximately 200 registrations, not counting day guests. The visitors come from all over Germany, from Lubeck to Konstanz the catchment area reaches. Fans from the Ruhr region are particularly well represented: "They love their church cabaret," says the organizer.The festival thrives on a special atmosphere: The artists usually stay for the entire period to talk shop with their colleagues and the audience. Kegel is pleased to say that hardly anyone even thinks of escaping to the carnival parades in the neighboring carnival strongholds. The "who's who" of the church cabaret scene attracts a specific target audience: "All those who come have had positive or negative experiences with church," Kegel knows. Someone who is a complete stranger to the church will understand almost nothing of the program, she fears.This year, many artists who are on the payroll of the two large churches will be cavorting on the stage boards of the KSI.

Summit meeting on sundayabe

Federal government now wants to speak of 'genocide' after all

The governing coalition now wants to call the mass murders of Armenians a hundred years ago genocide after all. Until now, the federal government has avoided the term. She is increasingly criticized for this.

The former city youth chaplain Dominik Meiering is the new vicar general of the archbishop of Cologne. In his first interview after the appointment, he talks about a special ultimatum of Cardinal Woelki, his vita and the upcoming tasks.

Interviewer: Good luck and blessings for the new task Mr. Vicar General! That went very fast now. How did you yourself react to the request?

Vicar General Dr. Meiering: I have been a city and district youth chaplain for nine years now. That something new would come along at some point was already clear to me. That it would become such a responsible office now, that was nevertheless also for me a small shock. And I asked for a week to think about it. But the cardinal said, "No, three days, that's all the Lord needed for the resurrection.". Then I slept badly for a while and thought about how to go about it. And I have also consulted. Now I am glad that the decision has been made.

Surprisingly one-sided

Temple Mount in Jerusalem © epa Jim Hollander

For the theologian and archaeologist Prof. Dieter Vieweger is surprised by the UNESCO resolution to define the Temple Mount in Jerusalem exclusively as a Muslim holy site. He fears that this resolution will add fuel to the fire.

Interviewer: Isn't this resolution fuel for the already explosive situation in Jerusalem??